Інверторний стабілізатор напруги Quant - Инверторный стабилизатор напряжения Quant

The inverter regulator not only regulates voltage, but also protects your equipment from short circuits and other damages connected with power supply.

If you have a regulator, then:

  • Food in the microwave heats up 70% faster.
  • The program that was run in the washing machine does not failure.
  • The refrigerator compressor starts running for 2 minutes instead of 5.
  • The oven bakes 30% faster than before using the regulator.
  • Issues with malfunctioning of the piezoelectric element in the heating boiler disappear.
  • LED lamps work 30% longer.
  • The life of equipment is not reduced, because the flow of electricity is regulated.

Quant company

  • We provide professional advice to choose the best regulator for the client’s needs.
  • Do you need a quiet and small regulator for your home or maybe you want to provide a stable voltage production line at the factory?
  • We will help you make the right choice.
  • Our range includes only quality regulators. We sell a combination of the latest technology with reliability.
  • In case the customer detects any technical malfunctions, we carry out free warranty repairs in a short time.
  • With our regulator you will forget about those device problems that seemed impossible to solve!