Additional warranty

Additional warranty is a warranty that you will receive after registering the serial number of your Quant voltage regulator (it is indicated on the label on the sidebar S/N: A0.0.0000.00). Thus, the basic guarantee (5 years) and additional warranty (up to 5 years) – sum up!

Here we offer you to share information about the voltage regulator and information about your personal experience from its use. This information will be very important to us in terms of providing better maintenance of your device and increasing the durability of operation of our products in general!

In case you lost the “User’s Manual” with the warranty card in it, don’t worry! Register the serial number of your regulator and get not only an “Additional Warranty”, but also an electronic warranty book, which will be stored in our database!

A link to set a new password will be sent to your email address.

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