About Quant company – History section

The QUANT company is specially created for providing users with high-quality power supply from the 220V grid in case when the power supply does not meet their needs in the quality and safety of power supply.

The reason for the creation of this brand was the high demand for double conversion regulators, at that time represented only by the “Etalon” model range of “VOLTER®” brand.

Double conversion of electricity is a very old and long-known principle that allows to get the best quality and safety of power supply of any load, however, due to various technical reasons (dimensions, weight, noise, high price), it was not popular for voltage regulation, and was used only in top uninterruptible power supplies for particularly responsible applications. “Etalon” showed that these problems can be solved, and get the “perfect socket” in the house is possible at a reasonable price and without side drawbacks. Naturally, as the best among the principles of regulation – the inverter regulator was intended for the high-price segment, or premium market segment, both because of the complexity of production, and because only the premium market segment ends to solve the maximum number of problems of the consumer, as far as possible – all problems, if it is technically possible.

But already in the first years of existence of this product it became clear that such voltage regulators are bought not for prestigious reasons, but out of a desire to get rid of problems with poor power quality, which are not solved by other similar products. To fully meet the requirements of the premium market segment, these regulators have received special protection, distinguishing them by their high protection for any loads in grids of any quality. This protection is unique in that it protects reliably and without wear and tear from switching overvoltages, it has almost no analogues, it is a development of “Sylovolt” group.

The issue that was once solved by the developers of “Etalons” came to the fore again – the complexity of the product, which limits its mass production. Another global technological breakthrough in power electronics has solved the problem.

Thus, it became possible to produce a new generation of double conversion regulators in the premium class.

The QUANT project was launched to solve this problem.

The QUANT project was launched on May 24, 2019 by the “Sylovolt” development team, who developed the ptoject of the “Etalon” model range for “VOLTER®”, as well as several manufacturing companies, on a permanent and contractual basis.

The beginning was, of course, the joint development of TOR (terms of reference). TOR has absorbed all the best, we can say – all the dreams and hopes of the people about the “perfect outlet in the house” or in the “perfect regulator”. In about two years, the developers have improved the required parameters without losing quality (mainly due to new solutions) by providing manufacturability in production, due to a more advanced design, software, reduction of manual labor. Given that the “Etalon” was also the result of a “war on costs” compared to its very expensive “father” – the double conversion UPS – direct savings on the quality of components was not possible, everything was already optimized before. Production inventories also could not be touched because they are a guarantee of durability and reliability of the product itself.

Therefore, in fact, the development of QUANT regulators made anew, from circuitry, algorithms and software, list of equipment to design and construction. And it allowed, besides manufacturability, to receive and quality improvement practically on all indicators, from quality of stabilization to protection of loading and the device.

At the same time the dimensions and weight of the product were reduced. It will be even easier for the user to place QUANT at home, and that’s a good thing. Because now it will be possible to reliably fix the regulator even on a plasterboard wall (the improved suspension also contributes).

In QUANT regulators there are no simplifications even in appearance – the case is rigid, massive (as for its mini-dimensions, of course), original design, a polymer coating “metallic velvet”. In general, none of the attributes of the “premium market segment” were sacrificed.

Thus, no positive features of this advanced system were sacrificed in the process of introducing protected double conversion regulators for the mass market!

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