Quant voltage regulator: parallel operation / power / failure-free operation / hot-swap

Стабилизаторы напряжения Quant / Стабілізатори напруги Quant

Quant inverter voltage regulators are able to operate in parallel. In a parallel connection, their power is added, the load consumption is divided equally into all parallel regulators without losses, you only need to buy (or get as a bonus with a large volume of purchases) a special device. The maximum power for one Quant regulator is 18 kW, ie 8 regulators on one phase will give a maximum power of 144 kW per phase, or 0.4 mW (megawatt) in a three-phase grid by three groups of 8 regulators. This case is quite rare, so it is advantageous to put the regulators at the place of consumption я (fortunately, they are light and small, so it’s more convenient to do it), then the quality of stabilization for a particular consumer will not deteriorate from the resistance of the wiring to it.

The parallel operation of Quant regulators has several useful advantages that are worth listing, therefore:

  1. Improved protection against dangerous voltage surges. Each regulator can dampen pulses with a current of 250A, bringing the voltage in the pulse to a safe level. Accordingly, four regulators in parallel can dampen pulses of 1000A (1 kA), and 8 regulators – up to 2000A (2 kA). There is nothing such “too much protection” when it comes to computer halls, data centers, where the data itself is often more expensive than cost of all the equipment.
  2. It is possible to increase the survivability of the system if the total power of regulators exceeds the load consumption. Then the failure of one or even several regulators will not interrupt the system, and you can even replace any of them during the operation (following safety measures and/or ensuring safe wiring when connecting). If there is a “reserve” of power for two regulators, it should be noted – the simultaneous failure of two regulators is less likely than one.
  3. It is possible to accumulate any necessary power simply “from a warehouse”, usually such powerful regulators are made to order, and many manufacturers simply do not have such offers.
  4. Simplification of cross-plugging, increase of reliability. Distribution of currents on several wires, from several terminal blocks increases reliability and reduces risk of bad contact and an overheat.
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