Quant voltage regulator: real inconspicuousness is small size and weight

One of the advantages of modern household appliances is their weight and dimensions. It’s hard to forget about a device when you stumble over it / stare at a large box hanging on the wall or standing on a shelf or floor even if its well-functioning. Modern electronic devices are always smaller than their electromechanical or electrical predecessors.

Power electronics are also a no exception, for example Quant voltage regulators have the following dimensions and weights:

Parameters Quant-5,5 Quant-7 Quant-9 Quant-11 Quant-14 Quant-18
Dimensions, mm., HxWxD 435х250х125 435х250х125 435х250х125 470х330х130 470х330х130 470х330х130
Weight, kg 11 11 11 15 15 16

The system of suspension of Quant voltage regulators provides for their installation even on a single-layer plasterboard. Therefore, there is no great need to take the Quant voltage regulators in the garage, shed or barn. The design of the voltage regulator is light, inconspicuous on the wall, the size is small, and most importantly – it is quiet, because there is nothing to hum, as is often the case with a bad form of mains voltage or the presence of a constant component of DC in the grid. Therefore, if desired, Quant voltage regulators can be installed even in the bedroom.

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