Quant voltage regulator: inconspicuousness

No house / apartment will be comfortable if the power supply is not of good quality, ie the lamps do not blink, no household appliances going out of order. Complete inconspicuousness of the voltage regulator is a dream of the consumer, because it is convenient to connect it once and forget about its existence; there is always 220V in sockets and no need to worry about the life of electronic devices.

Let’s consider the types of voltage regulators and their level of inconspicuousness.

Type: unnoticeable (but very cheap)

Inconspicuousness is a property of the cheapest voltage regulaors, usually made in China (with an extremely short regulation range and slow response to input voltage surges, such as servo-motor regulators). This means that after the installation of such a voltage regulator, it is unnoticeable whether you have it or not, because the voltage problems remain almost the same as without the regulator. If the voltage changes very slowly, or constantly overestimated/underestimated, then such a regulator still works, but until the first problem, surges or spikes.

Type: conspicuous (relay and thyristor regulators)

As the voltage regulator class increases, it can become noticeable, both in a good and not very good sense of the word. Conspicuous are simple thyristor step voltage regulators, with a small number of regulation stages. When responding, they convert a slow voltage change into a sharp jump, but this time within the norm according to GOST. Large changes at the input are reduced to relatively acceptable. Sudden short spikes, the beginning of a sharp surge – fly through the load.

Type: almost conspicuous (premium thyristor voltage regulators)

There are also so-called “matrix”, more complex and effective thyristor regulators, which partially show the property of “inconspicuousness”. Such voltage regulators perform their useful work, improving the quality of power supply, eliminating voltage spikes and smooth voltage changes with high accuracy. During their operation, even the flickering of incandescent lamps is not always noticeable (LED lamps without drivers are more sensitive, some flicker will still occur).

Type: inconspicuous (double conversion regulators)

Inverter voltage regulators, in particular Quant, operate inconspicuously, ie will not be possible to track their operation at an unstable output voltage, because at the output consumers of such regulators will always have a stable voltage with an accuracy of 0.5%

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